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Get a Head Start: Your 2021 Guide To Spring Lawncare

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

That familiar feeling of spring is in the air. We made it through the winter and now it’s time to get ready for what comes next; lawn care. The actions you take now will affect your yard for the rest of the year. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. But where do you start? The pros at Tmo Lawn & Landscape have compiled a list of their most important spring lawn care tips.

Rake Your Yard

We can’t stress this enough; rake your lawn! It’s a lot of work and everyone hates to do it but it has to be done. Over the winter, leaves and other debris can accumulate on your lawn. The winter elements can pack down grass and create layers of thatch that block water penetration. It’s vital that you rake your lawn as soon as possible to avoid lawn damage caused by lawn diseases and soil compaction.

Kill Weeds Early

In the fall, weeds disperse their seeds. The wind carries these seeds all over your lawn where they settle in the soil and wait for spring to arrive. These silent invaders will outgrow and outcompete your grass, setting the tone for spring and summer. If you want to have an easier time controlling weeds in the summer, then you need to attack these seeds before they have a chance to grow. You can do this with pre-emergent herbicides. Pre-emergents are a liquid or granular application that prevents weeds from germinating without affecting your grass.

Check Your Gutters

Checking on your gutters is one of the easiest and least time-consuming spring chores there is and it’s also one of the most important. Most people tend to forget or overlook the important role their gutters and downspouts play in keeping their house dry and foundations sound. Gutters are simple devices but when they become clogged they can turn dangerous. Water can back up and get under the shingles. Over time, water can leak into your house, damaging and weakening the wood. This can lead to major problems down the line. Water overflowing from your gutters can erode the ground around your foundation. This can lead to foundation cracks and basement leaks.

Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Areas

We know how important your outdoor spaces are to you. What’s summer in North Carolina without the smell of backyard barbecues every weekend. No matter how big or small your get-together is, it can be cut short by the arrival of party-crashing mosquitoes. What most people don’t realize is that mosquitoes don’t travel miles and miles for food. They tend to stay around the area where they hatched and continue to have successive generations. This means that these mosquitoes are coming from somewhere nearby. Go around your yard and check for anything that can or is holding standing water and dump them out or remove them. Mosquitoes don’t need much water and literally, anything can be turned into a mosquito nursery.

Aerate Your Lawn At Least Once A Year

Soil compaction is one of the major causes of grass decline in the state of North Carolina. Soil can become compacted through a number of ways including walking, running, mowing, driving, and naturally through thatch buildup. When your soil becomes compact, it prevents your plants from getting the water it needs to survive. This can cause your grass to look like it needs to be watered. Take a closer look at your yard when you water it. Is the water soaking in or running off? If it’s not soaking in, it could be a sign that your soil is compact. The only sure-fire way to bring your yard back to life is to aerate it. Lawn aeration is a process that loosens the soil and allows for your grass to breathe, drink, and grow.

Keep Your Lawns Healthy With Services Provided by T-Mo Lawn & Landscape

Lawn care is a lot of work that requires a lot of time and weekends. Take a break this year and hire a professional lawn care service to do the work for you. The pros at T-Mo Lawn & Landscape have years of experience turning drab lawns into beautiful lawns. We offer weed control and fertilization packages as well as aeration and overseeding services to enhance the health and look of your yard and get it ready for spring.

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